Vis Lemon – 100% Pure Concentrate of Island Sun

28.04.2023 | News

Did you know that there are more than 7,000 pharmacies on the island of Vis? There are that many lemon trees here, and each of them is a real pharmacy that, with its unimaginably valuable fruits, prevents and treats health problems for us islanders, strengthens our immunity, and improves our culinary skills, giving fish, meat, cakes and brandies that tempting, special “something”. 

Winters are mild here, but even on dark days, the view of trees full of bright yellow lemons evokes the life force of the sun, concentrated in these healthy fruits that heal, nourish, and, with their fresh vibrancy, ensure the vitality of the body and sparkle of the spirit. 

Sun-Flavored Remedy

Squeeze one lemon, mix it with a tablespoon of honey, and drink it down on an empty stomach. Repeat that every day. Of course, you will not throw away the fragrant peel. Instead, grate it or slice it and use it to aromatize cakes, teas, and compotes. And so on and on. And if you have loads of lemons and don’t know what to do with them, here’s an idea: make a fragrant limoncello, seal all the sunshine in bottles, and enjoy its benefits all year round. If you don’t have that luxury, you always have us!

Not-At-All Harmless Limunčelo

Macerated in a grape marc spirit in the mighty Vis sunshine, our Limunčelo is not some harmless sweet drink, but a liqueur that raises the dead from the grave, so you can imagine the effects it has on living people. Huge, irregular and charmingly lumpy, the Vis lemon has a specific, bitter taste, and its above-average thick peel is a real storehouse of revitalizing essential oils. All this makes this liqueur completely different from others, strong and bold, at first sharp and cold like the Vis winter sun, and then it thoroughly warms you up, nourishes you and stuns you like the real Vis summer midday sun.

Winning is Guaranteed 

This is the limoncello with which you will be toasting all your anniversaries, successes, and victories, but it is not only talented for the shot glass; its talents are countless and versatile! From sponge cakes to creams, from pancakes to cakes, from Bundt cakes to doughnuts, from pies to fruit salads, our Limunčelo will shine like a substitute player who enters the game during injury time and scores the winning goal, and you can use it in all recipes that ask for vanilla, rum and/or lemon zest. Put it in your tea instead of lemon, but also in meat or fish sauces that can handle citrus freshness; mix it in a refreshing cocktail, mulled wine, or punch; the possibilities are endless, so don’t run out—you can always come back for more from us!

Get your dose of concentrated Vis sun and enjoy its unparalleled health and gourmet benefits all year round!

A tradition of 150 years