Our VIStory


The only one in the world

The Lipanović Winery shares the turbulent history of Vis Island. We have been engaged in viticulture since the first written trace of the existence of our family and, regardless of the circumstances, we are persistent in preserving our wine tradition.

Coincidentally, or by accident, thanks to the army that had been entrenching itself in the heart of the island for decades, our Cellar is the only one in the world located in a military tunnel whose climatic properties and impermeability to light provide ideal conditions for keeping and storing wine.


150 years of commitment

For 150 years Lipanović family preserves and nurtures indigenous varieties and today produces best wine on the island of Vis

The Lipanović family is one of the families of Vis Island for whom the viticulture is woven into the genetic code. Ever since the first Lipanović stepped on the island of Vis in 1589 and planted the first vine, the family has devoted itself from generation to generation to the vineyards from which the best Vis wines originated.

Today, the Lipanović Winery produces, signs and promotes wines that are an authentic reflection of the soil and climate of their origin. The only parameter we are guided by is the quality of grapes and we will never endanger it with mass production and increasing quantity. We firmly believe that the unique wines of Vis Island deserve to be recognized on the local and global wine scene, and this can only be achieved by placing the best product the island can give.

A tradition of 150 years


Only the best of Vis Island

The Lipanović Winery cultivates six hectares of vineyards located in the wine-growing areas of the central and south-eastern part of the island and yearly produces between 30.000 and 40.000 liters

In addition to the oldest Croatian autochthonous varieties vugava and extra special plavac mali, which make up the bulk of production, the Lipanović family systematically preserves and nurtures lesser-known indigenous varieties, including cipidrag, known also as zinfandel, and palaruša that you can find and taste exclusively in our cellar.

You can taste Lipanović wines in all relevant restaurants and taverns on the island of Vis and in a growing number of elite Croatian restaurants, from Pelegrini in Šibenik, Konoba Boba on Murter Island, Laganini on Hvar and Foša in Zadar, to Kukuriku in Kastav and Nautica in Dubrovnik.