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Vis is the cradle of Croatian viticulture and vugava from Vis is the oldest wine variety in this area.

The culture of cultivating vines and drinking wine in the Adriatic began in the ancient Greek colony of Issa (today’s Vis Island), and all relevant and historical sources testify how the ancient Greeks planted the first vine in Dalmatia in a field on Vis Island.

The preserved record of the Greek writer Agarthid from the year 300 BC speaks in favor of that. in which he says that the wine from Vis is “compared to all the others the best”.

For hundreds of years, the people of Vis Island enjoyed their premium and completely autochthonous wine, but when the time came in the 20th century to classify its wine varieties and show its offer to the world, Vis Island did not gain the recognition it deserved. Due to its remote position in the middle of the sea and 40 years of complete isolation, the island was used as the most important naval base of the former State. Until the early 90s of the last century, the beauties of Vis Island remained hidden from the public eye, and its top wines could be tasted only by a few lucky people.

However, thanks to its (un)grateful position and (un)happy historical events, Vis Island is today one of the few Dalmatian pearls that is not affected by mass tourism and whose charms you can enjoy without stress and hustle and bustle. At the same time, its isolation proved to be an effective model for the protection of natural resources and ancient crafts. Vis Island is completely preserved, while its indigenous wine varieties and centuries-old viticulture are well protected.

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The Lipanović Winery shares the turbulent history of Vis Island. We have been engaged in viticulture since the first written trace of the existence of our family and, regardless of the circumstances, we are persistent in preserving our wine tradition.

Coincidentally, or by accident, thanks to the army that had been entrenching itself in the heart of the island for decades, our Cellar is the only one in the world located in a military tunnel whose climatic properties and impermeability to light provide ideal conditions for keeping and storing wine. 


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It’s a sin to come to Vis Island without visiting the Lipanović Winery cellar. Not only will you taste the best wines Vis has to offer, but you will also enjoy the only wine cellar in the world located inside of a historical military tunnel.
The ambience reflecting the history of our adored island is the scenery for an unforgettable wine spectacle! Book an appointment as soon as you can and indulge in a unique food & wine experience while tasting the divine fruits of the sun, the soil and the hardworking hands of Vis Island.

Bana Jelačića 58A, 21 480 Vis


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