The queen of Vis delicacies

24.08.2022 | News

Each Dalmatian town has at least one autochthonous delicacy and Vis is blessed with two! Delicious baked bread savory pies from Vis and Komiža reflect ancient Vis history, tradition and the inexplicable ongoing rivalry between the two towns. We warn you, only one bite will do to feel the true Mediterranean.

Culinary tensions for a dish that takes the cake

People from Vis, skillful merchants and winegrowers, have always competed with their neighbors from Komiža who are traditionally excellent fishermen. It’s not about the bad blood, rather a desire to tease, challenge and outdo each other. And the latter is probably sparked by peculiar character traits the islanders have been blessed with. 

Mutual spite is present in the kitchen too. Therefore, you’ll hear people from Vis elevate their bread savory pie while the inhabitants of Komiža boast with the one they make. In essence, both are made of salted anchovy or sardine filets tucked in the soft dough but huge battles are fought over the filling.  

People from Vis have for centuries been mixing salt, pepper and onion braised on homemade olive oil as the old Greeks have used to do. People from Komiža, on the other hand, are closer to Italian style of cooking and a bit more avid when it comes to trying out different combinations of spices. They have ditched the constraints of tradition and elevated the classic filling by adding tomatoes. 

In addition to the filling, the two are parrying over the way of serving baked bread savory pies too. In Vis, they’ll cut it into triangles, and in Komiža, into cubes. The shape and type you choose is irrelevant, though, as both will knock you off your feet. Even if you eat it cold, you won’t regret it. Moreover, you’ll be asking for more!

They may not agree on much, but the inhabitants of both Vis and Komiža will recommend a glass of premium red wine to go with their unique dish. Lipanović’s Plavac mali is like no other when it comes to taste, texture and strength, so it will be a perfect match to the dish. If you’re in doubt, come and see for yourself. In addition to the fondest memories, you might leave our winery with an original recipe as well. 

A tradition of 150 years