Carob – A Vis asset to knock you off your feet

13.04.2023 | News

If seeking the source of health and longevity, come to Vis and give way to the ancient powers of juicy and aromatic carob. 

Once on Vis, you’ll be amazed by its aged but vibrant inhabitants full of witty jokes and quibbles as much as the natural beauty of the island itself. The secret of their resilience and longevity has not been revealed yet, but carob, a plant they inherited from the old Greeks, for sure plays a part in it. 

The plant itself is a peculiar one: blooms in autumn, takes ages to ripen, and when it does you’re not rewarded with fruit until the following year. And yet, in the end, it’s all worth the wait because its pods are a true source of health that many civilizations have considered the elixir of longevity and youth. 

Unlike the kings and emperors, carob never leaves the throne

Carob was essential to St. John the Baptist to survive in the desert, old Egyptians and Greeks have used it to treat sore throats while the Romans and Arabs, well-known hedonists, have enjoyed its sweetness almost sinfully. But that’s not all! Back then, carob pods were used to measure gold too. 

On the way to Vis, carob somehow toppled down to a worthless plant, food for donkeys. Have the locals resented the taste or the fact it “cuckolds” them daily, we will never know. However, despite the derogatory status, it has stuck on the island with its golden status lingering below the surface. This is pretty obvious from the fact that the ancient carob mill, the only one in Croatia, still works like crazy!

“Komiški tusti” – a carob worth of gold

Carob has found its place under the Vis sun in Komiža valley, side by side with sweet sister fig and friendly olive. Left in peace, it grows and progresses happily there. This is important as it’s a well-known “secret” on Vis that if left untouched while sprouting, carobs will be the most fruitful.

As the locals would say, let it be and everything will come around just fine. Locals live this philosophy to the fullest, it suits the tourists perfectly, and it works for the carobs as well. Left alone under the laws of natural selection, they have been producing the largest and juiciest fruits that Croatia (and possibly the world) has ever tried.   

A chocolate brown, almost purple pod of carob from Vis is a true catch on the market. It stands out with 45% sugar, 4% fat, and 45% protein, plenty of calcium, manganese, selenium, zinc, polyphenols, and fiber. Our source of energy and longevity is also a great antiseptic and a natural stress reliever. Do you really need more reasons to come by?

Carob spirit – La Dolce Vita directed by Vis

Carob tree in front of our winery, our eternal guardian, may not be the oldest one on the island but for sure is worth visiting. As any good host, it will treat you with the best it has to offer – a powerful and aromatic carob spirit. 

Our most popular spirit will seduce your taste buds as easily as the enigmatic sphinx draws in a traveler eager for new adventures. Therefore, take it easy while enjoying it under the shade of the leafy canopy as you discover new pieces of sweet Vis life one sip at a time. 

A tradition of 150 years