Vugava is the most natural Dalmatian white wine

07.09.2022 | News

Ten years ago, 80 scientists from 22 countries with PhD in Biochemistry have agreed upon the naturality of our wines

We rarely attend wine competitions. At first, there never was enough time to prepare adequately and since then we have realized that this kind of recognition doesn’t make much difference anyway. Loyal wine lovers who have been visiting our cellar for more than two decades, premium restaurants and top notch distributors we collaborate with for years are what really matters. 

An invitation from the academic community, on the other hand, is not to be rejected and upon receiving one ten years ago, we couldn’t help ourselves but to attend!

The interest of scientists

In September 2012, we took part in the IX International Congress of Biochemical Engineers  “EFB Bioprocess Engineering Master Course 2012” which gathered multidisciplinary scientists dedicated to researching the impact of technology on processing and treatment of biological materials in many industries, including ours.

The aim was to discover to what extent Dalmatian winemakers use technology in the process of winemaking and to detect wines whose quality, taste and quantity have not been affected by technological innovation.    

At that point, “natural” wines that were truly a product of the soil were of interest only to biochemists, whereas today, when “organic” is in huge demand, they are widely popular. 

Grand Prix for vugava

We knew straight ahead that technology is minimally used in the production of our wine. However, we were honored to learn that 80 scientists from 22 countries all over the world agreed on vugava being the best Dalmatian natural white wine! 

At the time we did not ask for an official certificate to prove the organic status of our wine, but nothing has changed since then. The wine we produce and label is still a direct reflection of the conditions in which the grape has ripened – the soil, the weather and the environment. And such it will remain in the times to come. 

A note on this congress and our accomplishment was published in the local newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija on this very day ten years ago. You can read it here

A tradition of 150 years