The gorgeous bloom of death

29.05.2022 | News

Upon your visit to Lipanović winery you’ll receive a warm welcome from a splendid century plant of unusual appearance. Away from its original home, it has created a new one under warm Vis sun, on the very entrance to our wine cellar. 

Above the center of Vis, along the road leading to Komiža, stands a splendid and tall agave tree surrounded by scattered ground rosettes of plump green leaves enriched with a hint of blue. You’ll find it on the very entrance to our wine cellar where it charms everyone in search of pleasant company, fine food and even finer, top quality wine. 

Last summer, this beauty that drives life from karst, dry weather and heat marked the 30th anniversary of the opening of our wine cellar in the most beautiful way. It has been a truly enchanting experience to see it bloom because the chances to witness this are very slim. The blooming happens once and it may take centuries to happen. 

Tall and proud, our agave tree has chosen its moment perfectly. Now, in full bloom, it counts its last days under the bright island sun accompanied by wistfully curious glances of both owners and guests of our winery. Pay it a visit while there’s still time!

Even though all the beauty fades away, true love is never forgotten. Therefore, we raise a glass in the honor of our beloved agave to express gratitude for a new life that will evolve from its seeds in the decades ahead. This is the island life, we’re in no hurry anyway.

A tradition of 150 years